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This anti-fatigue standing desk mat was designed to help you subconsciously move throughout the workday. Unlike standard flat kitchen mats that are currently being used in the office, this mat was specifically designed for standing desks. With more than eleven starter positions to keep you active, this is a great addition to every standing desk.


  • Premium Quality: Most mats for standing are flimsy. The standing desk mat TerraMat is built thicker and more durable than the competition.
  • More 3D Special Features: Designed specifically for standup desks for home office by a personal trainer and engineer! The foam-like 3D features include a full Balance Bar (works your core and lets you do calf raises), Two Massage Mounds (massages the soles of your feet), Power Wedge (stretches out your calves), Support Track (stretches out your hip flexors), Acupuncture Pressure Peaks (stimulates your feet). All of this plus a larger comfort mat than our competitors.
  • Don’t Settle For A Flat Mat: The TerraMat mat for standing relieves pressure so you can stand longer without pain and get relief from aching feet, legs, and back. Our mat combines the comfort mat of a flat mat and the 3D features of an active mat with over 11 different possible stances, so you’ll never get bored!
  • Ergonomic Standing Mat For Easy Transition: The TerraMat standing desk floor mat slides out easily from under your desk using just one foot to position it.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:                                               

  • Brand: CubeFit
  • Color: Black
  • Product Weight: 5.51 Pounds