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The Fenix HM65R rechargeable headlamp is designed to go with you to the ends of the earth. It pushes an incredible 1400 lumens of light when both its spotlight and floodlight are activated. The spotlight reaches out to 178 yards of throw, great for sporting, hunting, and other long-range applications. The floodlight can still reach 60 yards at a much larger angle, illuminating your surroundings for hiking, camping, and explorations. You can also easily adjust the beam angle up to 60 degrees. For those moments when you need the light at specific angles. The Fenix HM65R is specifically designed for the toughest environments. Make your next go anyway and everywhere headlamp.


  • Powerful Dual Beam: The HM65R has a max output of 1400 lumens. The spotlight reaches out to 178 yards, great for long-range applications. The floodlight can reach 60 yards at a wide-angle making it great for exploration.
  • Robust Construction: The lightweight magnesium alloy frame is 32% lighter than aluminum but still just as durable. The HM65R is IP68 waterproof and impact resistant up to 2 meters, passing a drop test from 6 different sides.
  • Flexible Dual Fuel: Powered by the included high-capacity battery or 2x CR123A batteries, the HM65R features an LED battery life indicator and is USB rechargeable. (USB cable included)
  • Comfortable Headlamp: The HM65R comes with a reflective strap made of breathable lightweight fabric, which locks onto the ergonomically designed headlamp holder.
  • Complete Rechargeable Package: This package includes a Fenix rechargeable battery so you can use your Fenix HM65R directly out of the box. A LumenTac battery organizer is also included so you can easily carry your batteries safely.


  • Brand: Fenix Flashlights
  • Item Dimensions: 1.60 x 3.20 x 2.20 Inches
  • Item Weight: 0.20 Pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Material: Magnesium Alloy
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Runtime: Up to 280 Hours
  • LED Floodlight: Cree XP-G2 R5 Neutral White
  • LED Spotlight: Cree XM-L2 U2 White
  • Max Brightness: 1400 lumen
  • Peak Beam Distance: 178 yards
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 7439 cd