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Enjoy better balance, improved sports performance, and faster rehabilitation! Many people use balance boards in the office or while completing stationery, everyday tasks – like washing the dishes – to improve coordination, awareness, and posture. Not only will you be enhancing your balance training, but standing on our rocker board can improve alertness, concentration and make work more fun!


  • Improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility of knee, ankle, and leg muscles and ligaments
  • Each balance board is 20” wide for a stable stance and has two adjustable spheres to vary difficulty
  • Single-plane of tilt (10, 12 & 15 degrees) pitches back & forth and is adjustable based on ability
  • Constructed from durable Baltic birch plywood that helps to improve core strength and body awareness
  • Perfect for balance training, physical therapy, and rehabilitation from knee, ankle, and leg injuries


  • Brand: Fitterfirst
  • Color: Unset
  • Material: Wood
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 22 x 4 x 22 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds