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Kimo ET1609 Hedge Trimmer, a must-have for your landscaping.

Are you still helpless about not finding the right Hedge trimmer? Kimo’s strong battery life and high performance will surprise you. Kimo has 25 years of experience in battery and cordless tools. Batteries last 10% to 20% longer than other products, so you can easily trim several bushes and 3 fruit trees on one charge. In addition, Kimo specializes in producing battery-powered tools for trimming hedges and shrubs in homes and green belts, as well as professional landscaping. With lightweight design and noise reduction techniques, you can trim your hedge plants with two arms almost effortlessly.


  • 24-inch for Higher Efficiency: As a cordless landscaping tool, the cut performance and running time are the first two factors to consider. Up to 24 inches long, Kimo electric hedge trimmer can cut a wider hedge area at one time! Its 5/8-inch capacity is more ideal and practical for detail cutting & shape shaping. This will greatly improve your efficiency. And thanks to 25-year battery tech accumulation, Kimo tools provide a 25% longer runtime in one charge. It will be your most capable beast!
  • Real Game Changer in Lightweight Design: Weight and balance are important since you’ll be holding the tool at chest height or higher. At times, you’ll also be using the tool with open arms. Therefore Kimo 6.8 pounds battery bush trimmer is an ideal choice. You won’t find the same electric hedge trimmer w/ enough power and a lighter body. The soft rubberized grip offers you a comfortable gripping area in any direction you’re cutting in. You won’t be exhausted even if you wave it for half an hour!
  • Gas-Like Power with Cordless Convenience: If you have tried a corded electric hedge trimmer, you must know the mobile limitations of it, and you even need to worry about the cord being cut while working, which is really dangerous! Our battery-operated hedge trimmer will greatly amplify your freedom and safety. 1,000-Charging Cycle Test guarantees that each Kimo battery is lighter, and more powerful than others. Starts instantly, just a battery to create your own satisfying hedge!
  • Dual Switches, Double Security: If you’re looking for a durable and safe power tool, go with Kimo. Dual-switch is designed for double confirmation before starting the hedge trimmer, which makes you focused on the electric tool with your mind, meanwhile, the tool is under control with both your hands. The one-hand trigger is convenient yet less safe, it will be a potential danger for anyone who is getting tired, not only for his own safety but also for the manicured hedge.
  • Less Vibration, Less Noise: Kimo electric hedge trimmer provides 1300 RPM high speed to reduce your work. You hardly realize the vibration and noise in the fast cut. Kimo hedge trimmer produces low vibration and likely 85db sound, ensuring your safety and helping you work longer without a burden. It will no longer be a problem that being afraid of disturbing your family and neighbors during cutting. Lightweight and dual-switch design are also good for the elderly and women to use it.


  • Brand: Kimo
  • Dimensions: 36.02 x 5.89 x 7.23 inches
  • Weight: 7.15 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Color: Green