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Enjoy your favorite golden-crisp air-fried foods – now crispier and tastier than ever. From the #1 best-selling brand of air fryers in the United States,* the 8-Quart PowerXL Air Fryer is designed with 1700-watt Rapid Air Circulation for optimal crisping power. Your favorite fried foods cook inside a high-speed whirlwind of superheated hot air, not unhealthy deep fryer oil or grease. Now you can keep enjoying your favorite French fries with an extra golden-fried crisp – without the guilt! The extra-large 8-quart air fryer capacity gives you seven servings in just one cooking cycle, making high-volume cooking for holidays and gatherings a breeze. All-in-one air fryer and multi-cooker design significantly reduce cooking and clean-up time: you no longer need extra pots, pans, and additional appliances to make entire meals. Plus, the dishwasher-safe parts make clean-up effortless.


  • Large 8-quart nonstick air fry basket
  • The one-touch digital display panel
  • Eight cooking presets: Air Fry/French Fries, Fish, Shrimp, Pizza, Chicken, Air Bake, Air Roast, Keep Warm
  • Rapid, even heating
  • Precise temperature control
  • Large easy-grip handle
  • Air fryer cookbook
  • Precise temperature control
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Timer with auto-shutoff
  • 1700 Watts


  • Brand: PowerXL
  • Product Dimensions: 14.37 x 14.37 x 16.02 inches
  • Product Weight: 16.5 pounds