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The So Phresh Leak Guard Potty Pads are an indoor potty solution that provides great relief (literally!), so you can spend more time with your pet and less time cleaning up messes. They give you peace of mind knowing that both your home and pet will be clean and dry. When nature calls, the pads are a great answer for pets of all ages. In addition to puppy training, they’re also great for urban living, indoor relief on hot, cold, or rainy days, dogs who suffer from incontinence, and lining pet carriers and crates.


  • Leak Guard Dog Pads by So Phresh
  • Five ultra-absorbent layers soak hold up to three cups of liquid
  • Pads feature attractants making for great dog training pads
  • Non-skid backing ensures the dog pad stays in place
  • Quick-dry technology in these dog pee pads helps prevent tracking of wet paws
  • From training to bad weather or city living, these pads make a great indoor potty solution for all life stages


  • Brand: So Phresh