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Highest quality automatic drill-powered wire stripping machine on the market! It is safe to use, ultra-reliable, fast, and will last a lifetime.


  • The StripMeister Original wire stripping tool is constructed from solid aircraft-grade aluminum and will never bend or distort. All precision machined with 5axis CNC milling technology. Also has a built-in “Romex” adapter: Enables multi-layer wires to be cut in one shot.
  • This unique cable stripper is an industrial grade automatic wire stripper for all your scrap wires.
  • Blade and feeder are precision machined from heat-treated tool steel. Includes spiral groove feeder technology for extremely accurate wire pulling. Strips all sizes from 18 gauge wire to 250 MCM, including Romex and braided (stranded) wire
  • Superior value to any other copper wire stripper and will last a lifetime
  • This drill powered wire stripping machine is manufactured in North America using top-grade materials
  • The Romex slot will save an additional 33% of your time over any other wire insulation stripping tool
  • Now with Ultra Grip Feeder Technology. Will untangle mangled wires effortlessly without any slips or jams


  • Brand: StripMeister
  • Item Dimensions: 6 x 4.25 x 8 Inches
  • Item Weight: 3.80 Pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Metal
  • Handle Material: Aluminum