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Unipaws Wooden Dog Crate in gray, your pet’s cozy hideaway doubles as a beautiful designer end/side table for your living room or bedroom. It is great for small apartments or small rooms to add a stylish feeling to your place.


  • Multi-Functional: The end table dog crate saves space by doubling as a stylish end table as well as a pet containment and leisure space
  • Double Lockable Door: Offers two options of the opening way for pets to easily get in and get out: on the side or front
  • Well Ventilated: Make sure there’s a well-ventilated environment so your dog doesn’t overheat or have to deal with stale air
  • Wide Top Design: Provides additional storage space for magazines, potted plants, lamps, drinking cups, glasses, etc
  • Come with Soft Pet Bed: The dog house is also equipped with a removable comfortable mattress bed
  • A wooden side table crate with metal bars saves space by doubling as pet containment or sleeping space as well as a stylish side table. It improves the functionality and appearance of the pet crate without limiting visibility


  • Brand: UniPaws
  • Weight: 51 LBS
  • Material: Wood